Saturday, October 14, 2006

Law of eating

It used to be well-known - no eating, no drinking, no smoking, no pets, no durians, no spitting, no...the list goes on and on - on the bus. Why else is Singapore known also as a fine city? If you did some of the above in a bus, you could be out of pocket to the tune of S$500. But the younger set among us couldn't care less - I have seen numerous teenagers and young adults eating away in buses over the last few years. I guess they have money to burn, or are those fine signs just for show?

Girl eating away in a SBS Transit Bus

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Three of the best

Vandals are like cockroaches. No matter how many you kill and no matter how much Baygon poison pads you lay around, somehow, they survive to roam another day, much to your despair. Vandals are like cockroaches too. They just don't go away, even after Michael Fay was given three of the best some 10 years ago in Singapore. I suppose somebody's behind is itching to be given another 3 of the best.

Beware - language contains expletives and may not be suitable for all people except vandals.

This picture shows the back of an SBS Transit bus seat

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Full Moon

The Chinese celebrate Mid-Autumn with a festival called the, err, Mid-Autumn Festival. It is also the period when the Earth's Moon is visibly the brightest and roundest in the sky. Well, this year, the Singapore Meteorological people told us that the moon will be nearest the Earth (and thus appear roundest) at around 11.30am today, the 7 Oct 2006 and not the 6th Oct 2006 when the Mid-Autumn Festivals falls. Well, the moon did appear this morning, bright and round in the morning sky. Unfortunately it couldn't be rounder or brighter because of the thick haze caused by smoke that has drifted over from the burning forest fires raging in the Sumatran island of Indonesia.

But its better than nothing. Enjoy!

A little closer...

That's the closest my camera phone can zoom.

Them dar haze

Sengkang Town was shrouded in smoke this morning. So much so that instead of opening the windows in the morning, I had to leave to closed. These pictures show the haze situation in my neighbourhood: